I am so tired, and that makes me so very hungry, and lazy to sleep. I’ve walked from this place to the kitchen, to the table more than times enough to steal food. I’ve eaten my breakfast tomorrow already, how? Peanut butter is running out at home, and I don’t have any more oats AND MY PAY HAS NOT COME IN.

On another note, albeit a more serious and thought-provoking, heart numbing one, I finally tendered my resignation after a long pause of indecision. It’s not that I want to quit, even though the heart was long gone. It was after Lynn’s comment that struck me yeah, why was I killing my hands this way?

Today I can’t clench my hands tightly, and it stings when its under running water. But maybe soon enough, it’d be well again.

I’m not that indispensable afterall. My boss is on the lookout for someone to take over my place.

At the same time, I am looking for a part-time/freelance gig. Have already secured a position as attractions host in Sentosa IR, but training starts in late Dec. I can’t imagine asking my mother for allowance ever again. Plus I’ve got a sixty dollar phone bill to pay. Hand of mine, someday you will die – but why fail me now?

Okay, sleep soon and I hope I wake up early later. 6am is a good timing.


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