Out of three days, I slept for at most eight hours. I feel that I should be tired, but I am strangely wide awake. Maybe I’m just really mellow right now.

Will be going Ubin for the DIEM camp. Hopefully it’d be all sunshine and laughter, and things will turn out right.

All of a sudden, my schedule’s packed and I don’t see a breathing space anywhere. Thank God I was let off work today, and I can continue doing my work in school. DIEM Camp from sat – sun. Sun evening meet Diana. Mon – Tues Resort World Training. Mon evening TICG. Wednesday having christmas lunch with my fyp mates, and evening will be meeting Firefly team if I can make it.

Just thinking of me makes me a little dizzy. Why do things pile up at the very last moment?

Things seem to be going well, but I am a tad sad. Irrational I know, and maybe I can blame it on the period but all in all, its me – again. Of all things that I have to think and feel, it has to boil down to this.

Everything’s moving so fast, and I am just struggling to play catch-up. In a blink of an eye, Dec 2009 is almost over and I am staring at the tail end of the year. Where has it all disappeared to? When did the moments start flying by?

All of a sudden I am dead tired. I am able to lie here at e1 canteen and slip off into sleep. But Diana is now on the highway, fighting cars and motorbikes and a raging bladder. I guess I should do my part, and be really awake then. Though afterthat, ubin will seem like a nightmare in repeat. (i need my sleep!)


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