Most times we are never sure of where we are heading, nor the steps we need to take to reach them. We blunder along, and hope against all human hopes that what we are doing is right, and that we can live with ourselves at the end of the day.

These two days have been reactive days. An eternity it feels, but it has only been at most 48 hours. Granted, almost a full day was wasted since I came down with fever, and felt like crap but right now I’m sitting before this screen and contemplating a run later.

We were at the starbucks under the bridge just yesterday night, and contemplating the future. What will 2010 hold?

Well I haven’t really settled down to calculate my finances and all, to ascertain my financial ability to get into university. So right now there is a possibility I may have to get a full-time job. With that in mind, and a few months savings… maybe I can start looking at renting a flat.

Sounds absolutely anarchic is it not?

But if we screw society norms, and familial expectations – this is what I really want.

Other than this quiet dream, there are still a whole horde of whatnot to look forward to. :)

I’m waiting.

(Till then, back to tinkering.)


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