Would you?

I cringe at myself twice today. Never had I despise the new-found motor mouth as I had today. Ugh. Denise, you had better get a tight leash on your mouth!

Other than that.. I’m focusing one step at a time, one plan by the other. 

Sometimes I wonder at this innate disability to shut down this emotional outlet. But then again I remind myself all these will pass, and all that will be left are memories. So… the only thing to do is to write. Again and again and again until all these are purged from my system. 

I’ve an inkling to leave this island for a year or two, but what with the lack of finance and heart to leave a cushy comfort zone… Then again – give me a few heartbeats to dwell in insecurity and whatnot and hey, I’ll be right back up on the get-go with passport in hand.


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