When we take one step back, and observe the people around us: it stirs the heart. No matter if it is heart-warming, or rending – it does something. But I believe more can and should be done than all these metaphorical feelings.

I’ve been living in quite a state these days, and you can say I am living like a wild child. And yes, perhaps I am. Perhaps I couldn’t really care about what I do now because I was in dread over results.

But what the hell, today I don’t want to care anymore. I’ve never held studies to be particularly of high import, so why should I start now? Though I really feel old and aged, I’m barely turning 20 and this should be the time of my life! Why was I so uptight and worried about finding a good 9-5 stable job? That just isn’t in me.

I’m happy but not content. Do you get that?


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