truth be told im sane enough this time round to be anxious abt the trip. Im not running a fever, not hallucinating and ive had a bad dream of getting lost in cambodia that left me shaken for a few days. (the aftermath has not worn off.)

And im so comfortable with my schedule as of right now that its quite shattering to up and leave. There seems to be quite a few bit i am missing out on when i leave for cambodia. And i guess we are in singapore, and things are so comfortable, that it is indeed enough to live with the status quo. Plus when i really do set my mind on thinking straight.. There are fleeting moments i think of growing up, and finally thinking for my family instead of myself

Well i guess in anyway, this trip has brought me learning points even without me leaving as yet. Here’s to cambodia, and man, i hope for an absolutely blast that sets this heart on a single track.


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