That’s the best way to describe me and my state of mood right now. Not that I’m extremely upset, its just this sense of lost, and uncertainty. (So many things on my mind.)


  1. My room
  2. Job
  3. Friends
  4. Finding money twice in a day when I was extremely, extremely broke
  5. Elise bought me an oven
  6. Brother helped me with my work :)
  7. I can do handstands now. Best time score: 20 secs up
  8. Salary came in
  9. The autonomy to make my own decisions

Its just me searching for more yknw? With all these, I am contented. I’m happy with this current lifestyle. It’s simple, easy and above all, I’ve made this work ok? I’ve got a job I’m still keen on, good friends I’ve surrounded myself with, happening plans to work on, etc. Work -> Meet pals -> Dance -> Church -> Hang outs -> Daydream -> Etc. But I don’t wanna settle for just these. There is more out there. I just don’t know what I’m searching for.

Maybe.. that is precisely why. I’m figuring out the theme of my life. The reason for being.


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