than never having loved at all.

Maybe its the dreary weather. Much as I like the thunderstorms and lightning, I must admit its’ wearing effects.

I chopped the hair today. It’s not exactly much, and I wish its shorter still, but well baby steps. Especially so, since I seem to have lost it. Succumbing? Maybe.

As of today, right now, this moment: everything wiped clean. I was writing on my laptop yesterday night. When almost everything is laid on the tables, no holds barred – everything is crystal and the answer clear. I have been so silly. My own defence is I am weak and I overthink.

Yknw why I hold the phrase “in the here and now” so dear? Because I’ve always loved the idea of being happy and contented right here, right now. I’ve always wanted to keep the exact emotion throughout certain friendships and relationships. But people change, situations change, emotions and choices interfere – and I’m always left hanging alone.Well, better to have and lost isn’t it?

Brave up Denise. I will keep this chin up.


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