the awesome i wish i could be

I’ve been stuck in limbo for awhile, too tired and lacklustre to do anything. My house is a mess and this heart is a wreck. I’ve bills to pay, but I can’t find them and today I come home to many letters awaiting attention. I should man up, and do what I should.

The questions I had running around in my mind has been answered, and there is a sense of finality. Life’s like this.. and I’m wondering just which move to make for the next step.

I.e. many issues are unfolding and reaching their own conclusion at my company.. and yeah I’m not very ecstactic over them. But life goes on even though we desperately wish for them to remain as is, is it not?

As usual, I feel so stifled. Just want to face the walls, get a grip and steel this heart. Hai. What a sad soul.


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