our will is our strength / inner peace / true focus lies somewhere between rage and serenity

was talking to someone over a lackluster dinner since we were both sick and shivering, and she offered a different perspective. Well she offered moments of her life, and it was heartwarming to speak to her. We are on such different paths, and to know her life through her sharing is humbling. Her deepened love for God, her family & her boy is what moves me the most.

more notably, i chanced upon this quote “Great achievement is usually borne of great sacrifice and is never the result of selfishness” by Napoleon Hill.

that struck me. it’s not about myself achieving, but its about not being selfish, and I must admit my lack of selflessness. all the time I’ve been focused on myself, my crashed hopes, doing things my way.. but what about my responsibilities and the closest people?

maybe at the end of the day, my biggest achievement is to stand by my family and know that they have had my best years, and efforts. that they are my heart, and this house is ours.

my father’s life has been forfeited. and I am forever indebted.


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