catching lightning in a bottle

Some days are so picture perfect, and such golden joy; they should be kept under lock and key for fear of others stealing them away. But if all these are from the inside out, then I guess there is no fear because it will bubble incessantly still.

Today, I am thankful. Life is good, and I’ve made my mind up. There is no turning back, only forward onwards soldier now. And life isn’t complicated anymore. I think I do prefer this new twist of events – just me, the house, family, friends, books and wild ideas I like to tinker with. I’m good and will be golden this way.

For all that I am not, and am struggling with.. I do believe things will work out. Methodically, methodically.. I will work through them. I have been trying my best to conform to what I felt others wanted.. (albeit failing at every turn because I got tired of society) and right now, I am selfish and I want to focus on just being real and honest. This is me, deal with it. I guess there are some figuring out I have to do for some situations. And I will, I’m not running away. Just taking my time.

This is life. Forwards onwards soldier now, and no regrets.


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