Someone was just telling me a couple decided to forgo their relationship. “If it was because of the girl, he would have held on – but it was the family.” They came from different backgrounds, of different religions, and I guess it is needless to explain the eventual decision to split.

It is true though that when you marry, you promise till death do we part unto the other party and the family involved. And when I look at the mess I have created..

On a happier note, I am very much contented. There is not anything to want now, and I have all that I need. Wanderlust isn’t kicking as much now, because I have the massive overhaul of my house as a pet project, and anyway, I am a penniless person now too.

There is definitely more to life, but as of right now.. I am happy. More to come, but I’m content with where and who I am.

And just thinking about the new year.. maybe I should simply start again as a What You See is What You Get kind of a person. I’ll blurt out truths, and we leave the games behind. Let’s play the Honest game instead.


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