What keeps you awake?

For me, I am ridiculously affected by coffee. Just a little, and my heart pumps like I am about to collapse and die within the next few hours. Or if I had a hard run or swim in the day, I can’t sleep well and will wake up alert with less than usual sleep hours. Other times include reading up on dope guerilla campaigns, checking out craigslist and figuring the next challenge in furnishing the house. (Of course, there are times like essay deadlines – 1 more trimester, and I’d be home free!)

I’m excited about possibilities. The not-so-near, not-so-far incandescent what may be. Be it crafting campaigns, re-arranging the house in the middle of the night or deciding my next move, I live in the future. 

Because of this, I guess I’m forever restless trying to reach these possibilities. Please life, don’t pass me by.


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