28 September 2013

Been awhile since I’ve written here, and we are finally here on our last module in school, and last trimester of the year. Time sure flies. This trimester promises to be a grueling one, with the most time-consuming project, and piling work commitments. I am in both trepidation and relief. What a contradiction.

And as we come to the end of this education journey, I am questioning myself: Is this education what I have signed up for? Was it worth me carving out 2 years worth of time and efforts and a significant debt to the banks? At only 23, what use and what of me can I offer to the world, and what does it want of me? (I am already spent.)

These days, I’ve been thinking about my gran alot. I’ve also been thinking about how my actions affects and influences others. That’s because I’ve had a few reprimands recently. I acknowledge some were well-deserved. 

I’ve been on the fast lane of late. I do wish for some days of absolutely nothing on, just to feel the ground beneath my feet all over again.

Because inside, I just keep replaying the feeling of me taking the plunge and leaping into the air, spiraling down and straightening the bungy line. Again. And again. And again.


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