29 Oct

Finally we are at the end of Oct. At long last, the video shoot had commenced earlier in the evening and by the time I wake up, it would be a wrap. I am so, so, so relieved. Things have been absolutely crazy, and sorry for my lack of finesse – a trainwreck. It’s been messy, and it’s been bad some days. I’ve been driven to the wall, and my blood pressure has gone up, and I’m just so relieved this shoot is 50% close to completion. I’m looking forward to closing another rushedtothemax project by this week too. So glad that my tenant has finally shifted in, albeit getting used to another person in the house.. Now looking forward to completing a few nasty projects, MCC307, MADcamp and finally – Korea. Freedom. Here I am. 

They always say to savor the moment, because its when you are truly living, and that you will never get another moment quite like it. Yea well, savoring these moments have had me age 10 years. And I will die of a heart attack.

I truly appreciate these learnings. But I will feel better looking at these experiences – from a distance, at least for awhile.


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